This is the FINAL schedule for the conference per 24 October 2023. Physical copies will be available at the conference.

Schedule as PDF: click here.

Times shown are CEST / UTC+2.

Location (go to the 7th floor by escalator/stairs or elevator – see Venue for more details):

Oosterdokskade 143
1011 DK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Day 1: Wednesday 25 October 2023

Time slot
8:009:00Registration (badges)
9:009:15Opening remarks NISA Chairman and day chair(s)
9:159:45KEYNOTE: Jan SwillensOn the frontline in the greyzone and in war: From secrecy to action
Room: TheaterRoom: ForumRoom: Keizerzaal
9:5510:30Assembling economic security amid great power competition, Huawei and the rollout of 5G in the Netherlands
David Snetselaar
Innovation and Adaptation of the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services, 1997-2017: A Comparative Perspective
Danny Pronk
10:3511:10Innovate or perish: towards a research agenda for intelligence organizations
Bas Rietjens
Steven Coulthart
Rob Sinterniklaas
Intelligence Adaptation: Insights from complexity science and the need for analytic cognitive diversity
Bram Spoor
11:3012:05Spyware Market Governance: Between a Rock and a Hard Place?
Lena Riecke
Risky or Rewarding? Navigating diversity in contemporary Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Adam Svendsen
The HUMINT approach from a nonverbal communication perspective
An Gaiser
12:1012:45OSINT tools, commercial data and national security law
Jan Jaap Oerlemans
Sander Langenhuijzen
Anticipating irregular migration: challenges of estimative intelligence in a multi-agency environment
Bart Wielders
Why even AI cannot make high certainty forecasts of geopolitical intelligence problems
Christiaan Menkveld
14:1514:45KEYNOTE: Mark Galeotti Lessons in War: what have we learned from and about Russian intelligence since February 2022
15:0016:30Round table:
Intelligence disclosures

Tom Maguire (chair)
Kira Vrist Rønn
Round table:
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in defense and security

Roy Lindelauf (chair)
Robbert Fokkink
Herwin Meerveld
Marie Safar Postma
Workshop: Managing Surprise with Alternative Competing Hypothesis
Klaas Voss
Huib Lathouwers

Wim de Koning
16:3516:55Closing remarks (plenary)

Day 2: Thursday 26 October 2023

Time slot
8:009:00Registration (if not done yet)
9:009:15Opening remarks by day chair(s)
9:159:45KEYNOTE: Patricia Damen – Towards a data-driven intelligence service
Room: TheaterRoom: ForumRoom: Keizerzaal
9:5510:30New Insights into the Sino-Pak Factor in India’s Intelligence Cooperation with the Anglo-American Intelligence
Dheeraj Paramesha
Unsupervised Machine Learning on Colonial Kenyan Intelligence Reports:
History, Methods, and Challenges

Ryan Shaffer
Benjamin Shearn
A systematic review of effectiveness in intelligence: perspectives from organizational theory.
Gideon Manger

10:3511:10Threatened by terrorism: threat perceptions of Dutch counter-terrorism practitioners
Chris Vloedbeld
Foreign intelligence versus domestic security – exploring intelligence culture via the combined civil intelligence and security service AIVD
Florien Hollander
11:3012:05Information Technology Regimes: Anticipating 21st Century Paradigms for Intelligence
Aron van der Beek
The Secret Life of Writers: Dutch Intelligence Agencies and the Literary World During the Cold War
Frank Keizer
Laurens Ham
Enhancing Inter-Agency Intelligence Collaboration through Cultural Intelligence and Cognitive Diversity
Ahmed ElTahir Mohamed Nour Abubakr
12:1012:45DISARM Framework:
TTP-based approach to fight disinformation

Omri Preiss
Current advancements in approaches to intelligence tradecraft in the Intelligence Community and Cyber Threat Intelligence programs in the private sector
Freddy Murstad
The Need for Data-Driven Investigations.
Law Enforcement, TBA
14:0014:30KEYNOTE: Ryan Shaffer – Africa and Asia in Intelligence Studies: State of the Field and the Need for Further Research
14:4515:25OSINT – Field stories & future considerations
Nico Dekens
Strategic foresight as decision-making
support. The case of Singapore

Lars Haugom
Stig Stenslie
Workshop: Managing Surprise with Alternative
Competing Hypothesis
Huib Lathouwers
Wim de Koning
Nico Dekens
Innovating in Secrecy: Disclosing Secrets in Public-Private Cooperation.
Paul Oling
Huib Lathouwers
Wim de Koning
16:2016:35Closing remarks (plenary)